A.      Defined below are the general core functions of NaSARRI:

  1. Conduct of agricultural research of strategic importance for knowledge generation and development.
  2. Establishment and management of human, physical and financial resources of the Institute.
  3. Provision of technical back-stopping and capacity building to Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, the ZARDIs, and other agencies dealing in agricultural research.
  4. Developing and managing agricultural research information system and ensuring collaboration of stakeholders.
  5. Planning, monitoring and evaluating all research programmes undertaken by the institute to ensure conformity with the national research strategy.
  6. Ensuring quality of technologies developed, multiplied and disseminated through the uptake path ways.
  7. Generation of periodic reports on findings of the agricultural research to the Council and other stakeholders.
  8. Building and sustaining linkages and partnerships with local regional and international research bodies.
  9. Participating in problem identification and prioritization of research demand for the national research agenda.

B.      Mandate Areas or commodities

  1. Finger millet, Pearl millet, Sorghum, Simsim (Sesame), Groundnuts, Sunflowers, Cotton,  Cowpeas, Pigeon peas, Animal traction, Socio economics and marketing, Emerging semi arid Issues