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Uganda has a rich diversity of crops and a good landrace collection is maintained at the National Gene bank.
In the National Genebank, seeds of species that can be dried to very low moisture content and kept under frozen conditions (referred to as orthodox seeds) are stored in freezers at -20°C. Under such conditions the seed can stay alive for up to 50 years. At the National Genebank over 2500 accessions are being conserved in both the active (short term storage 5°C) and base (long term storage -20°C) collections. The Genebank ensures that seed placed in storage are of the highest quality and achieve maximum longevity. The seed are occasionally regenerated to ensure their genetic integrity is maintained.

Species whose seed cannot survive desiccation and very low temperature levels (referred to as recalcitrant) and are conserved in the Botanic gardens as live collections. The germplasm held is available for different users on request.


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