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What are the Agricultural Research Service Providers?

The National Agricultural Research Act, 2005 provides for Agricultural Research Service Providers. According to the act “agricultural research service provider” means any person whether in the public or private sector who conducts or manages agricultural research in accordance with the Act; and includes a Public Agricultural Research Institute, universities, tertiary institutions, farmers groups, civil society organisations, private sector organisations and any other entity as may be determined by the council. An agricultural research service provider must be professionally competent as shall be determined by the council.

The Common functions of agricultural research service providers

  1. Carrying out agricultural research whether basic, applied, adaptive or strategic;
  2. Utilisation of the technologies and expertise in its possession arising out of publicly funded agricultural research including making it generally available;
  3. Mobilizing teams to carry out agricultural research;
  4. Participating in problem identification and prioritisation;
  5. Establishment and control of facilities in fields of research, development and technology transfer which are of interest to them or which the NARO may from time to time delegate to them;
  6. The training of agricultural researchers and others;
  7. Hiring or letting of services for the management and conduct of agricultural research;
  8. Establishing and maintaining collaboration with other agricultural research service providers, organisation and agricultural research institutes both at national and international levels;
  9. Reporting on the findings of agricultural research to the NARO in particular agricultural research service undertaken with public funding from the organisation;
  10. As an end product of research development and technology transfer undertaken—

    1. Produce, process and sell agricultural products;
    2. Conduct or commission market research and sale of its results;
    3. Provide against payment, services not directly related to agricultural research;
  11. Acquisition and dissemination of agricultural research and development results from tertiary institutions and other entities; and
  12. Provision of grants for agricultural research and development activities;
  13. Providing agricultural research services as a contracted agricultural research service provider and entering into performance arrangement with the NARO or any other person;
  14. Ensuring the multiplication of foundation technologies;
  15. Undertaking agricultural research with farmers and other stakeholders; and
  16. Collaborating and consulting with the farmers’ fora and farmer groups or organisations provided for under the law.

Functions of universities and tertiary institutions

Subject to the Universities and Tertiary Institutions Act, 2002 and in addition to the Common functions of agricultural research service providers, the function of universities and tertiary institutions in the provision of agricultural research shall be—

  1. Training the personnel who shall act as agricultural research service providers;
  2. Acting as centers of excellence, especially for basic scientific research;
  3. Providing services as managers of agricultural research at any level
  4. Conducting strategic research on contract from the organisation and the private sector; and
  5. Undertaking adaptive research on a competitive basis from organisation, local governments, civil society and the private sector.

Functions of the private sector and civil society organisations

  1. In addition to the Common functions of agricultural research service providers, the private sector and civil society organisations
    1. Participate in the articulation of demand and supply of agricultural research services;
    2. Mobilise and provide funds, personnel and facilities for agricultural research; and
    3. Provide advice and information to support the development and implementation of a given policy.
  1. NARO may contract the universities, private sector and civil society organisations to provide a variety of agricultural research services such as Providing services as managers of agricultural research at any level;
    1. Conducting agricultural research through contracts from the organisation, from the public agricultural research institute or from local governments;
    2. Conducting technology demonstrations and multiplication; and
    3. Participating in monitoring and evaluating agricultural research programmes.

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