Competitive Grants Scheme UgandaFunding of CGS comes from the public in this case the Government of Uganda, private institutions, development partners and individuals. CGS fund encourages competition in the provision of research services in order to enhance quality and relevance of the services provided. Therefore, earmarking of funds for specific areas of research by donors, organisations and individuals is not permitted, nor are special conditions relating to property rights and royalties. Once the agreement has been signed, funds will be managed and disbursed according to the CGS financial regulations and procedures.

To attract private sectors/industry funding, the NARO Council will allocate matching funds in support of research grants supported through private sector/ industry funding. Matching funds may come either from CGS funds or from the council budget, where the proposal research is seen by NAROSC to be highly complementary to other research work being supported by the council

The competitive Grants Scheme provides attractive means by which the private sector/ industry can contract research by offering a transparent and competitive system of research grants award, accounting, monitoring and evaluation. The incentives for such are:

  1. The provision for CGS to give matching funds to those provided by the private sector/industry
  2. The negotiated ownership of patent and property rights over the technologies developed using funds from CGS and
  3. Timely disbursement of funds by the competitive Grants Scheme for implementation of projects and hence timely completion of projects and application of research results.

The Agricultural Research Trust Fund (ARTF) will be established to support the operations of the Uganda NARS.

Accordingly, the Council will maintain a separate interest bearing account with a commercial bank to receive grants and donations towards the establishment of an Endowment Fund which will support the CGS