Technologies at FIRRI

Achievements: Information on regulation of fishing effort; suitable fishing gears and methods; conservation of fish species diversity, the status of water quality and environment especially of Lake Victoria, lake productivity mechanisms; the impact of water hyacinth and its control; and the management of wetlands.

For aquaculture; information packages are now available on site selection for fish farming; techniques for fish fry production; care and management of fish ponds; and simple pond harvesting gear.

Fish stock assessment continues on Lake Victoria and information is collected on the types, size, structure and magnitude and distribution of fish stocks in the lake. A survey conducted on the lake revealed that the fishing effort has increased. The population characteristics of Nile Perch especially the changes in diet, condition factor, sex ratio and size at first maturity have been monitored and observed to have continued to deteriorate. Restocking trials have been done on two minor lakes in Kisoro.

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