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About NARO

The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) is the apex body for guidance and coordination of all agricultural research activities in the national agricultural research system in Uganda. NARO is a Public Institution established by an act of Parliament, which was enacted on 21st November 2005.

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NARO Functions

The functions of the National Agricultural Research Organisation are to:


Provide strategic direction for publicly funded agricultural research in Uganda and act as a forum for agricultural researchers in Uganda;

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NARO Governance Structure

The National Agricultural Research Organisation comprises of the Council as its governing body, committees of the council as its specialized organs, a secretariat for its day-to-day operations, with the fifteen (15) semi-autonomous public agricultural research institutes under policy guidance of the secretariat.

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The National Agricultural Research System (NARS)

The National Agricultural Research ACT, 2005 provides for the development of an agricultural research system for Uganda, hereby referred to as the National Agricultural Research System (NARS), for the purpose of improving agricultural research services delivery, financing and management.

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